Getting started – Building native apps on iOS, Android and Windows with REST APIs

After a long period of hibernation from blogging; i am setting stage to make up for the same. I dabbled around with iOS programming building iPhone , iPAD and universal apps along with building apps on win 8.1 and WP8.1 and of course, the backend for these apps was MVC API service hosted on azure. But again, things really are now interesting with my new found interest on NodeJs, AngularJS and Typescript.

I plan to write a series of articles on how to create NATIVE universal apps (aiming both mobile and tablets) in iOS, Android and windows platform and how to plan the backend API so that it all fits perfectly.

I plan to write around below topics each week and have code interspersed wherever  required. The idea is to work on REAL app and gather learning’s from it.

1. Getting around the BIG Dilemma- HTML5, Hybrid, native or Xamarin.

2. Applying the correct UI atheistic true to native OS and form factor.

3. What NOT to do in design. (Avoiding traps of UI designs which is not scalable across screen sizes)

4. Applying DRY (Dont Repeat Yourself). Identifying what is common and what may be shared across platforms.

6. Getting the BIG picture. Easy on iOS might be tricky in Windows / Android and Vice-Versa. Avoiding common pitfalls.

7. Building an REST API (with authentication and versioning) to be consumed by apps

8. Building an Universal Windows App from beginning to end.

9. Building an universal iOS app from beginning to end.

10. Building an Android app from beginning to end.

11. Building an angular JS based HTML5 app

11. Integrating social media (fb / twitter) in apps. Using the best approach.

12. Covering other aspects like analytics, offline behavior, etc.

Got any ideas for an app? Do comment and i might pick up the idea to build some real cool apps across platforms.