After playing with the idea for long, today i went ahead with it. Actually, i always thought i do not have ample time for such silly things, but i realized i actually do have. I can certainly have some time for creativity!!!

So, here it is. But first the preface… Like so many people i like reading news (minus yellow journalism) and the debates on them. Each person will look at the news from hie own perspective.

Then there is virtualization. the what ifs… the food for thought for the legendary writers.

The idea is to create a component which will read daily news and then somehow(i have an idea though!!) link the stories together to cook up a fictional story.

What good it will do? i dont know.. may be that way we can find out how we react to stories or is there a pattern in this otherwise seemingly chaotic world around us…

May be it can whip out a story good enough for a hollywood potboiler!! May be a non sensical black humour.. who knows?

Just cant wait to see what a number cruching machine (read computer) can do when it can relate one MS Doni being the hottest person on sale to a non descriptive Indian soldier (they call him spy!) Sabarjit waiting to hanged in pakistan after spending entire life time in jail.

May be it can actually give us data on how a budget is related to increasing number of farmers commiting suicides or how rain is actually responsible for giving millions of unprivilged indians like me to own a lakhtakia(Rs 1 lakh) car sans Mr. Tata. 🙂 

And when it does, It recreates destiny.

The idea is simple enough, but to make it really work i will have to spend some midnight oil. I am ready. A crash course in Artificial intelligence would be handy. 🙂

below is the mind map of the idea. If it all sounds very foolish and stupid to you…. You are the person i would be needing.

    News Feed1,
    News Feed2 — > Component. (Definately not a news aggeregater) —- > AI stuff — > Our fictional story.

PS: There is no commercial value attahced to the project, Just plain challenge. As a famous MNC hotshot was once commented at “Arent you fed up with selling boltteled carbonated water?” and rest is history. (No pun intended, but my organization just gave up keeping free carbonated cold drinks!)

If anyone of you are game for it, do just post your comments here or shoot me an email.

The name of the project… well you guessed it… 🙂 its DESTINY.

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