Moving on…

Its already been an year since i joined accenture, bangalore. It was really an experienceof sorts. Interacting with so many people with diverse backgrounds, and technically too it was sure and enriching experience.
I will always remember my first package in RRP — the s212.CaptureS212Recipients
Sangita headed it and Nidhi helped me a lot in grasping the fundamentals.
But working on WP302(Process Application) was all together a awesome experience..
Many thanks to
Sanjay for providing me best of oppurtunity and always encourging to put in the best.
Leslie for his ever smiling nature and providing insights of functional knowlege,
Kalyan for his everhelping hand, Sneha for providing tips to do better, Remjith, Sreejith, Imshad for their affection and support.
Pradeep for always cheering me up, helping me and eddging me to always perform.
My managers Jason and Girish to always pushing us to deliver the best and that too in time. To make me believe in myself to walk that extra mile to achieve milestones…
Last but not the least i thank my roomates
Anurag for providing an home away from home environment, Aniruddh for developing my taste for the best things in life and Aadesh for the excellent time spent together.
Many thanks to Jagadesh, Deepak, Anish, Santosh, Narender, Sahebjade, Prabhu, Arihant, Shiva, Mehul, Ben Victor, Archana, Chaitra and the rest of the gang.