Y i blog on APJ?

Most of you, who go thru my blog ask y i blog on APJ.
The reason for that is because i find is very inspirational.
and because most of his articles makes sense to me. Being a scientist, he is able to find the root cause of most of the problem and finds the most innovative and the simplest solution to it too!!.
Like to share a questions my boss asked me. (Many of u may be already heard it!!)
Given a bowl of rice what will you prepare? Khichdi (a poor man food item prepared from pulses and rice)  or Khir(a delicacy prepared from rice and milk).
The answer:
Given that, Americans will prepare Kheer… They invent something which cater to only few people and have lots of complexity involved. Cost not considered.
Indians will prepare Khichdi. We innovate something which cater to masses. And is very cost effective. and Khichdi is very good on stomach too.
Taking the clue, i always believed that most complex questions have simplest solutions.
And APJ is doing that only. He is initiating change thru children. and thru masses.
and he is creating history.
I am sure 20-30 years down the line we will have heroes quoting that they were inspired by a man known as APJ.