Mesh Enabled Web application with Silverlight

Someone asked me about cloud computing and Azure platform and then asked me the future of MEWA in light of Silverlight 3 offline application. While i have my own thoughts on them and both do target different application segments, i will first like to demo on a Silverlight MEWA ; then SL 3 offline – online thing and of course the difference… (along with similarities)

Here is step by step procedure:

1. Down load Live services…

2. Make a new project in Live services .. choose Silverlight template

2. write code.. Here i have uploaded a sample which sorts a given list based on various algorithm.

3. Compile the code. If it compile well.. run it by pressing f5.

4. F5 will lead you to following page on live..


5. Select live service as indicated above and you will be presented with screen as below

6. Select a MEWA and click on create.


8.Click on upload package on the above screen

9. Copy link from VS prompt as below

10. copy the Application self link as below once application is uploaded


11. paste the application self link as

12. Click OK


Application in action… Sorting using Merge sort

List Sorted

As you may observe the application is executing over the MESH..

Now about SL3 offline thingy in next blog… 😀

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