Silverlight Presentation and Demos!!

Silverlight Demos

I gave a talk on silverlight capabilities and thought it is a good idea to share. The talk was intended to demonstrate the silverlight as a RIA developement tool and cool stuff which may be accomplished.

Following is the snapshot of MindMap DEMO built in silverlight 2.0.
It has Zooming, Panning features. Provides an visual feel of underlying XML data.

Below is the snap shot of famous flip book demo. I have tweaked it to get “feed” from Powerpoint slides. I actually gave the presentation while flipping the pages. 😀

As talk was for developers who have experince in other technologies other tahn silverlight.. i decided to demonstrate a Visual sorting demo to provide more techie gotchas and spark. You may see Merge sort in action below

Lastly the 3d

Will be publishing the source code soon once the bandwidth allows me to!!!

Silverlight Presentation and demos

With the dawn of Silverlight 3.0 platform, i have realized more and more application will move towards RIA development.
Below is a presentation of the talk which briefs on Silverlight.

I have uploaded it on, incidentally which is also a great silver light application.

Though i like it more when it comes to architecture and coding related with silverlight, I have deliberately kept the above presentation light so that it makes sense to even a non techie.

Of course tons of Demo are included. I will be loading them as well along with the screen shots.

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