10 reasons why silverlight excites me

10 reasons why silverlight 3.0 excites me…

1. It really enforces good architecture: With principals like MVC (M-V-VM) implicitly into client side Xaml, DRY(Don’t repeat yourself) Built into RIA services and Scaffolding feature (Service Context) binding with ORMs like Entity Model and L2S (LinQ to SQL) in place, the solution is rock solid and very scalable.

2. Extensible architecture: Think Dependency injection / inversion of controls. Silverlight XAML dynamic loading makes such task easy and manageable. Learning curve to achieve the same is intuitive and les cumbersome than most of the other libraries.

3. Silverlight implicit collections: Language features embedded in XAML (silverlight rendering engine langauge) are powerful. Observable collection, Converters, Dependency property really makes it easy to develop new controls.

4. Data binding features: With SL 3.0 data binding is almost like its WPF counterpart. Bind almost anything to everything declarative. Programmers delight!!!

5. Animations /2d/3d mathematics: With excellent effects and very intutive matehmatics involoved in 2d / 3d rendering, Silverlight is way ahead in terms of other packages in which programmer is supposed to do more matrix multiplications rather than business problem in hand!!! (think of programmer who has to make a custom graph)

5. No more coding for specific browsers: Code in C#. No code in javascript. No coding required for each and every version of x,y,z browsers!! And SL will ensure it runs just fine..

6. In built SEO / Deep linking:

7. Support for Dynamic languages like Iron Python and Iron Ruby: This is specially exciting. Ploygot programming was never so easy. The mathematical capabilities of languages like python (it can parse expression like (2+4) * 5 + 6 / 7…) makes it very easy when required. And the deal is required when UI is supposed to look great..

8. Great Component support:

9. Out of browser experience: With features like Isolated storage and LINQ embedded. Offline experince is really great and very easy to implement in contrast with Google gears and SQL Lite.

10. Most important: INNOVATIONS : Great tools for development like VS, Blend and even XAML PAD!! Server connectivity, Binary serialization, Deep Zoom. The pace at which SL has adapted and grown is awesome.

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