Who moved my chiron?

I am working with silverlight since WPF/E days and after the Silverlight 2 RTW release was wondering to my wonder tool Chiron.exe. A bit of searching took me to the blog which says:

Chiron is still available for you if you want it.  It is a part of the Silverlight Dynamic Languages SDK

which is available on Codeplex.  So if you need/want it, there you go. 
Some people were using Chiron for their automated build scenarios to
create the XAP package during the builds.  A lot of the packaging stuff
for XAPs is now a part of some of the MSBuild tasks, so you can still
automate your builds using MSBuild.

That explains the stuff; i presume. I am personally missing Chiron. Silverlight DLR, ironPython is something i love and like really, however, i do not have any great ideas where i can implemnet them. So most of times its just feel good POC on SL 2 DLR.

Bottonline: I will miss you, Chiron.

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