COM Callable Wrapper (CCW)

Dll in .Net and callable in vbscript..

1) CCW.cs
using System;
using System.Runtime.InteropServices;
namespace NMyCCW
public class ClsCOMServer
private string m_strName;
public ClsCOMServer(){}
public void SetName(string strName){m_strName = strName;}
public string GetName(){return m_strName ;}

2) csc /target:library CCW.cs — Make a dll

3) regasm ccw.dll /tlb:ccwtlb.tlb /codebase — Create a tlb.

4) use tlb in vbs—

Dim dotNetObj
Set dotNetObj = CreateObject(“NMyCCW.ClsCOMServer”)
dotNetObj.SetName (“Subodh”)
MsgBox “Name is ” & dotNetObj.GetName()

run as — wscript comclient.vbs

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